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Visit to Hagley Hall & Park

Tuesday 2nd July 2024

Hagley Hall photo

We have been given a marvellous opportunity to take a small group to Hagley Hall and Park and be shown around by Lord Cobham who inherited in 2006.   Since then he and his wife have carried out major restoration particularly of the magnificent surrounding park.  In Lord Cobham’s words, “When I arrived at Hagley I had a modicum of knowledge about the City and business but very little about landscape heritage or land management.  I was lucky enough to be helped hugely by Joe Hawkins as regards the first and my brother-in-law as regards the second.  The whole exercise has been hugely rewarding”.

Sir John Lyttelton bought the Hagley Estate in 1564.  In the mid-18th century George, 1st Lord Lyttelton, began to landscape the grounds and build the ‘last great Palladian house’ designed by architect Sanderson Miller.  It was built to enhance the 350 acres of undulating parkland that he and his father landscaped and which is peppered with follies and features.

The 1st Baron was heavily influenced by Italianate design and architecture during his Grand Tour of 1729/30, and so engaged the services of Francesco Vassalli to create the magnificent rococo plasterwork for the Hall.  There are many treasures and interesting family connections which we will see during our visit but what sets Hagley apart are the extraordinary views from the park.

Do come equipped for a walk which will include some steep hills.